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In May of 2009 I purchased a new Burgman 650 Executive.  A road trip was in order.  As it turns out, some friends of mine were planning a 16 day trip from MN to the Americade rally in NY and then continuing on to see sights in VT, NH, ME and then back through Niagara Falls and Ontario.  It would be an excellent "inauguration" trip for the bike.

As one might expect, I added a few accessories.  Here are my thoughts on what I added and were you can find them on our website:

bulletClearview Medium + Vented shield.  The size worked great for me.  I've had a Medium + Vented shield on my Silver Wing for years, so the size was comparable to what I had been used to.  I knew the added height would keep the wind off my head and upper torso, but I was impressed with how much the added width kept my hands out of the wind.  Suzuki Windshields
bulletJ&M Handlebar Mounted CB.  I had a special mounting bracket made for this CB so that I wouldn't have to cut any of the body plastic to install it and to move it a little out of my line of site to the left mirror; we'll be productizing that mount before long.  (Feel free to contact us if you're interested.)  I had heard reports that the unit exhibits a fair amount of electrical noise when installed on a post 2005 Burgman 650.  (This problem hasn't been reported on other bikes.)  While there certainly is noise on some channels under certain circumstances, I found good success communicating on channel 2 and was able to use that to communicate with others in our group.  I will be investigating the problem and hope to work out a solution soon.  CBs can be found on our CB page.
bulletGarmin Zumo 550.  As one would expect, the GPS plotted routes and recorded tracks of where we went while on the bike.  I enjoyed taking it with my on a helicopter tour around Niagara Falls to note how fast we were going.  (Interestingly enough, the helicopter seemed to accelerate through the turns just like we riders do.)  Because I used it in conjunction with the J&M Handlebar Mounted CB, and because the GPS is linked to my cell phone via Bluetooth, I was able to take a phone call or two from home.  Riding GPS
bulletRAM Cup holder.  I'm a firm believer in staying hydrated while riding, so I keep a cupholder mounted to the front brake reservoir when I expect to be riding for any length of time.  I keep a 20 oz water bottle with a sport-top-type cap in it and refill it with larger water bottles I keep in one of my T-411 saddlebags or E52 case.  The cup holder we have that works best for the Burgman 650 is the Clutch/Brake Reservoir Cap Mount Point version found in the Cup Holders section of our Comfort and Convenience page.
bulletGIVI T-411 saddlebags.  I generally keep my raingear in the left-side saddlebag so it's easy to get to in a hurry if needed and keep things that are needed less often, and with less urgency, in the right-side saddlebag.  These bags are water resistant (and the zippers are covered) so the contents remain dry through a quick light cloud burst.  However, I always put my gear in a larger garbage bag before putting it in the saddlebag in case I end up in a downpour.  The reflective bits added an extra measure of safety, and I thought the black color worked really well with my black bike.  These can be found towards the bottom of our Luggage page.
bulletGIVI Monokey mounting plate.  Installing the GIVI Monokey mounting plate on the Burgman 650 Executive was very simple - just remove the stock backrest and use the same holes for the mounting plate.  I didn't even need to remove any of the body panels.  This is towards the top of our Luggage page.
bulletGIVI E-52 case with integrated brake lights.  This topcase was large enough to carry my laptop computer, change of gloves, change of jacket, and a few smaller items.  The handle worked great when I needed to carry the topcase into the hotel at night.  This item is about half way down the Luggage page.
bulletHelmet Pegs When I'm riding around town, I generally store my helmet in the under-seat storage or in my GIVI topcase.  On rare occasions, I use the under-seat hook.  However, on longer trips, my topcase is usually full and I have too much loaded on the rear seat to make accessing either the under seat storage or the under seat hook feasible.  I knew that while on this trip, I'd have to leave the helmet with the bike while in restaurants or seeing various sights so I added a pair of helmet pegs.  Not only did they work great, but they also looked great - that extra sparkle of chrome on the black Burgman really stood out.  These gizmos can be found in our Comfort and Convenience page.
bulletTire Pressure Monitoring System When you ride a few hundred miles per day for several days in a row, you should check your tire pressure every now and again.  This Tire Pressure Monitoring System made checking the pressure really simple - I didn't have to bend down or get my hands dirty or anything like that.  I did find that it took the receiver unit quite a while to pick up a signal from the tire sensors if I was taking a reading after the bike had been still for some time.  My solution was to put the bike up on the center stand and spin the tires with my foot.  I had a reading within a few seconds.  Very convenient.  You can find them in the Safety section of our Comfort and Convenience page.

The two pictures below show the accessories on the bike.  (Click an image to enlarge it.)


If you've got a good story about a ride or about using a particular accessory that you think others would like to see, feel free to send it in either via email to [email protected] or use the Feedback Form.  Of course, not every story would be published here, and all stories submitted are subject to editing.


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